The habits formed in childhood will be realised as NOLJAK’s strength when they try to solve concrete problems after growing up to be adults. I am confident that NOLJAK’s ‘Thinking Observation’ is the biggest motivation that can create hope for children’s future.

NOLJAK is a portmanteau of the words ‘Nori (play)’ and ‘Changjak’ (creation). The core value of NOLJAK’s educational philosophy is ‘Thinking Observation’. We adopted ‘observation’ as the core method of child education, and developed a process of (1) OBSERVATION; (2) THINKING; (3) CREATIVE EXPRESSION. Currently, NOLJAK operates across multiple sites in America, Asia and Europe.

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Some key points about these classes:

  • Maximum of 5 to 6 children per class.
  • Smaller classes allow for each child to get more one-on-one tuition and attention.
  • The classes run for one hour, once a week, four weeks per month.
  • We use a range of materials that are imported directly from South Korea and are not available anywhere else in the UK.
  • We facilitate fun and unique activities for children to be creative and innovative.
  • Children are encouraged to express themselves freely with their arts and crafts. We remove the rigid boundaries often found in other art schools allowing the children the freedom to be truly creative.
  • Classes are not like traditional art classes. With ‘observation’ at its core, we have developed a process which sets us apart from other art schools:


NOLJAK’s observation quantifies what the child sees and feels. The observation process in which one object is experienced and felt with various senses is fundamental to our educational philosophy.


New ideas are added to original thoughts, and the process of materialising one by one is repeated and becomes habitual. This makes children develop their thoughts and their expressions become more sophisticated.

Creative Expression

By observing and building confidence with materials, children can express their thoughts and feelings in a variety of ways. NOLJAK’s ‘Thinking Observation’ develops creative expressions.

The monthly tuition fee is £140 which includes all materials.

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